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We've reviewed a wide-ranging list of public web sites containing information valuable to our students.
The following is a partial list of the sites we've provided links to:

Homework Web Sites
  Homework Web Sites
This site, founded by teenager B.J. Pinchbeck, contains links to over 700 homework sites in disciplines such as English, foreign languages, math, science, social studies and more. There are even links to today’s news headlines and on-line games if you need a study break.
This site bills itself as “the academic homepage for high school students,” and on it, you will find links to help in specific subjects, as well as reference tools, news updates, puzzles and quizzes and information on choosing the college that is best for you.
  Reference Web Sites
This kid-friendly site will connect you with experts in a variety of fields who have agreed to answer your questions free of charge.
In addition to helping you find spellings and definitions of words, this site gives you tips on how to use words properly and contains a new “Word of the Day” for you to learn about each day.
  Many more web sites are included...

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