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Registered students have access to a comprehensive collection of course help documents, all available online.
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Course Help Sheets
  All Subjects
  Hints on Studying and Essay Writing  
  One Exam at a Time  
  SQ3R Study Skills  
  Study Hints  
  Exam 3 - Punnett Squares  
  Exam 3 - Punnett Squares Long Version  
  Exam 3 - Tax Savings for Education  
  English - All Courses
  Active and Passive Voice  
  Choosing the Correct Pronoun  
  Commonly Confused Words  
  Compound-Complex Sentences  
  Direct and Indirect Objects  
  Division of Words into Syllables  
  Effective Use of Transitions  
  Essay Questions Help Build-Self Expression  
  Essay Writing  
  Guidelines for an Outline  
  How to Use Quotations  
  How to Write a Conversation  
  How to Write a Paragraph  
  Predicate Nominatives and Modifiers  
  Present and Past Tense of Verbs  
  Run On Sentences or Comma Splices  
  Sample Outline/Essay  
  Subjects and Predicates  
  Suggestions for Preparing an Outline and Theme  
  Synonyms and Antonyms  
  Tenses of Verbs  
  The Hyphen  
  The Verb  
  Using the Dictionary  
  Writing Resumes and Cover Letters  
  Math - Algebra
  Exam 1-2 - Similar and Unlike Terms  
  Exam 11 - Working with Square Root Radicals and Radical Expressions  
  Exam 12 - Solving Quadratic Equations  
  Exam 8-9 - Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graph  
  Math - Essential Math I
  All Exams - Show All Work  
  Exam 1 - Finding the Least Common Denominator  
  Exam 2 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions - Quick Review  
  Exam 2 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions - Quick Review  
  Exam 3 - Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers  
  Exam 3 - Multiplication and Division with Mixed Numbers  
  Exam 4 - Dividing Decimal Numbers  
  Exam 5 - Solving Percentage Problems  
  Exam 6 - Interest  
  Exam 6 - Reading the Compound Interest Table  
  Math - Essential Math II
  All Exams - Show All Work  
  Exam 1 - How to Measure Using a Ruler  
  Exam 1 - Polygons  
  Exam 1 - Using a Protractor to Measure and Construct Angles  
  Exam 3 - Proportions  
  Exam 3 - Ratios  
  Exam 3 - The Pythagorean Theorem  
  Exam 5 - Working with Fractions - Quick Review  
  Exams 2, 3, 4 - Two Dimensional Figures  
  Photography-Black & White
  Exam 1, Question 22  
  Exam 2, Questions 42, 43, and 44  
  Exam 4 Text Pages 322-340  
  Science - General
  Exam 1 - Question 3  
  Exam 4 - Questions 1-10  
  Exam 5 - Pluto, You're Not a Planet Anymore  
  Exam 1 - Reading an Electric Meter  
  Exam 2 - How Lightning Occurs  
  Exam 1-6 - Written Speech Guidelines  
  Exam 6 - Introducing Speakers  
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